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The Do You Travel Blog is our unofficial Philippines Travel Guide. We write everything from vital Philippines travel advice to entertaining and informative blogs about our exciting range of Philippines Holiday Packages.

Philippines Packing List -Your Guide to packing light

Joining one of our Philippines group tours and unsure what to pack? Check out our handy Philippines packing list and guide that will cover everything from underwear to the kitchen sink! Given the current situation with world travel, you may be thinking “Why bother?” But actually now is the perfect time to pack, plan, prioritise...
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What to do in El Nido after the island hopping tours

What to do in El Nido other than island hopping tours

So, you’ve done all the island hopping, tour A & C, and even did the not so famous B & D, what now. I’m gonna let you in on some local secrets on this blog, I hope I don’t get in trouble. Here are other things that El Nido has to offer. Lio Estate A...
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Advantages of group travel

Traveling involves a lot of decision making and one of those is whether to journey on your own or join a group. I have done both many times and I have to say that group travel is the best option. Here are some advantages of joining a group tour.  Safety I thought I’d go ahead...
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Things you need to know before visiting the Philippines

Living in El Nido, a tourist town in the Philippines, I had the opportunity to observe how tourism can ravage a town’s culture and how tourists contribute to the mess. I was constantly stuck between the joy of watching a town’s growth and development while grappling with the not so subtle damage that that development...
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