Who We Are

We specialise in creating ​life changing adventures

We specialise in creating ​life-changing adventures in the Philippines for solo and group travellers!

Imagine being so profoundly inspired by an experience that you wanted to show the entire world just how amazing it is. Well, that’s exactly how Do You Travel was born!

Do You Travel was nothing but a tiny dream in 2017 when the founder Sarah returned from a year-long solo backpacking trip through South East Asia — can you guess which country was her favourite?

The trip was so life-changing for her that she found herself dreaming up ways to not only continue her own amazing journey but allow for others to experience the same life-changing adventure she had! She set to work and spent the next year travelling back and forth between Australia and the Philippines creating what is now the most epic adventure tour in Asia for over 25s.

What first started with a group of friends in 2018 joining her to support her vision, eventually exploded into travellers from around the world venturing out on several of our carefully designed Holiday Packages in the Philippines.

As the name suggests, at Do You Travel we are all about You doing You! We believe that travelling should be about reconnecting with yourself, expanding your horizons and getting outside of your comfort zone! Our goal is to provide you with an adventure so epic that it changes you and you come home filled with memories and stories to tell for years to come!

Our Goal

It’s simple really. We want you to have the adventure of your life in the Philippines! We know the best things to see, the best places to visit, where the nightlife is, where the most beautiful islands are, where you can buy local treats, whatever you are wanting to know or do, we’ve done it all!

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your spot with us today and join us in the Philippines for your next adventure!