Who We Are

We specialise in creating ​life changing adventures

We specialise in creating ​life-changing adventures in the Philippines for young professional travellers!

Oh hey there!! We are so glad you finally made it! We’ve been waiting for you!

The repetitiveness of daily life and adulting has had you daydreaming about jumping on a plane and heading to a far away place, pushing the reset button and reconnecting with yourself. You have been doing your research, browsing numerous travel websites and social media pages, and as fate would have it, you found your way to us, just like we knew you would! But now that you are here, you are thinking, “Ok who ARE Do You Travel?”

Do You Travel was brought to life when founder Sarah Lindsay, a 31 year old professional, was given the opportunity to go and work in the Philippines, training staff at the call centre owned by the company she worked for. She fell so head over heels in love with the Philippines, that her 4 week stay turned into 8, and then into 5 months. At this point Sarah thought she was living her best life, spending her weekends travelling and exploring the most magical islands in the world and learning a completely new culture and way of life, it was amazing, but there was one thing missing, like-minded people to share the experience with.

One late afternoon, while sitting on a beach in El Nido sipping on a local beer, watching the sunset over the ocean, she decided that this was the way she wanted to end every single day for the rest of her life, and not only that, she wanted to share the experience with people like her. Adventurous, young professionals who would appreciate and feel the beauty of the Philippines, just as much as she did.

So, Do You Travel was conceived! A travel company specialising in life changing adventures in the Philippines for Young Professional Travellers. We know that you are at that stage of your life where you want to travel the world and get outside of your comfort zone, but you want to be around like minded people as well. You don’t want to travel with a group of 18 year olds getting wasted every night, and you also don’t want to travel with people your parents age! You enjoy a night out, drinking and dancing, letting loose and maybe even a sneaky skinny dip in the ocean, but you don’t want that to be what your holiday is about! We know all this, because we have been there too, and the reason we are here, is so that people like you could find us, and here you are!

This moment in time is for you, and that is exactly what Do You Travel is here for, so let’s do this! 

See you in the Philippines!

– The Do You Travel Crew x

Our Goal

It’s simple really. We want you to have the adventure of your life in the Philippines! We know the best things to see, the best places to visit, where the nightlife is, where the most beautiful islands are, where you can buy local treats, whatever you are wanting to know or do, we’ve done it all!

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your spot with us today and join us in the Philippines for your next adventure!

Meet the Do You Travel Team


Sarah Lindsay – Founder

Exploring the world one country at a time. Falling more and more in love with the Philippines every day. Striving to make Do You Travel the global leader for adventure experiences in the Philippines for young professional travelers, so she can share her love for the Philippines with as many people as possible!

“Nothing beats a cocktail on the beach while watching the sunset and listening to the waves crashing in!”

Do You Travel Tour Guide

Alyssa Snelson – Tour Leader, Your Best Travel Buddy, Your Instagram Boyfriend and Tour Mum!

Alyssa is our superhero Tour Leader and those lucky enough to have toured the Philippines with Alyssa will understand why we call her that.

Alyssa will be your best travel buddy, tour mum, wing woman, and Instagram boyfriend! She’ll even chase you down the streets of Port Barton town when you’ve had a bit too much to drink and lost some of your clothing (Yes this has happened) 😅

Bubbly personality, contagious sense of humour, and charming English accent aside, Alyssa is an ambitious woman with a mighty dedication to her role in ensuring that all of our guests have the trip of a lifetime when they travel the Philippines with us.