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Oh hey there!! We are so glad you finally made it! We have been waiting for you!

The repetitiveness of daily life and adulting has had you daydreaming about jumping on a plane and heading to a far away place, pushing the reset button and reconnecting with yourself. You have been doing your research, browsing numerous travel websites and social media pages, and as fate would have it, you found your way to us, just like we knew you would! But now that you are here, you are thinking, “Ok who ARE Do You Travel?”

Do You Travel was brought to life in the exact same manner that you found us, except, when founder Sarah Lindsay, a 31 year old professional, was daydreaming and researching for her adventure in the Philippines, her only option was a tour group aimed at 18-30’s, or going it alone. Not wanting to feel like the mum on her holiday, she decided to travel to the Philippines alone, and fell absolutely head over heels in love with the magic of this amazing country. 

One late afternoon, while sitting on a beach in El Nido, sipping on a local beer, watching the sunset over the crystal clear water, she decided that this was the way she wanted to end every single day for the rest of her life, and not only that, she wanted to share this life changing experience with as many people as she could.

So, Do You Travel was born! A travel company specialising in life changing adventures for Young Professional Travellers, the middle children of the age groups, the ones that get forgotten by so many travel companies. We know that you are in that stage of your life where you want to be around like minded people. You don’t want to travel with a group of 18 year olds getting wasted every night, and you also don’t want to travel with people your parents’ age! You enjoy a night out, drinking, dancing, letting loose and maybe even a sneaky skinny dip in the ocean, but you don’t want that to be what your holiday is about! We know all this, because we have been there too, and the reason you found us is because great minds think alike, and here you are!

Our goal is to provide you with an adventure so amazing that it changes you, makes you think differently and see life in a whole different perspective. This moment in time is for you, and that is what Do You Travel is here for

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